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back online

2012-11-03 23:57:12 by VaeVIKTUZ

its slow as hell, 3g cricket service tho, downloads a little bit faster than old 56k, but it uploads at about the same speed as my old cable connection.. go figure


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2012-11-04 14:50:20

So what are you up to now? :-)

VaeVIKTUZ responds:

Same thing as before, still working on that game, changed the art direction of it tho, and that meant scrapping what i had before, I should have at least a video of the game running soon along with some new music and animations working in game, I'm saving the music for the demo video tho


2012-11-04 16:09:09

Good you're back. And with some new songs too.

VaeVIKTUZ responds:

thanks, good to be back, the only good thing about being offline is that it gave me way more free time to work on my game without me wasting so much time watching youtube videos allday lol


2014-02-15 08:17:28

Look whos back. ;D

VaeVIKTUZ responds:

yup, been gone over a year or so, how ya been?


2014-02-15 14:02:10

Well, only things worth noting are that I've improved in using fruity loops, maybe even alittle bit as an artist and I finaly found a job in a factory. I'm currently enjoying my first payment. ;)
How about you? :)

VaeVIKTUZ responds:

Nice, bought a house yesterday actually, gotta get it fixed up a bit before i move in tho, still working on 3d stuff, been playing alot of ps4 lately, havent done much with music lately until this week. I checked your latest track earlier Yeah It sounds like you are improving alot with FL studio, I think i'm as good as i'm gonna get which isnt saying much but I havent noticed any improvement on my compositions so it is what is i guess.
Sounds like things are going good for you, grats on the factory job


2014-02-17 08:23:24

Well I still consider your stuff to be far better than mine. ;)
Good job with the house, I'm sure that no matter in what state the place is, you'll turn it into a good home.

Hey do you still have that remix you've made out of that one track? Would be kickass to hear it again. Even if its's not finished.

(Updated ) VaeVIKTUZ responds:

House is in good shape, but some crackheads or something stole some of the wiring. It will take about 2 weeks to get that fixed, so were just gonna move in wednesday, and use what we got till then. About the Remix of stalker mode, I do still have it, but its on my old comp, the mother board died, the hard drives should be fine tho, but it's in storage atm, I'm gonna be getting it and installing the hard drives on tmy new comp when i Move in tho, I did a little more to the track, still never came up with a 3rd section for it tho. I will upload it when I get it off my old Hard drive, Prolly a week or so, if they get the internet on fast enough.


2014-02-20 10:29:21

What do you think about this piece? It's the closest to metal I ever managed to get.

VaeVIKTUZ responds:

Sounds pretty metal to me, I like it, nice arangement and definately has a metal vibe to it, I might be able to send you some guitar tracks for it, if i can find the bpm, and some metal drums loops as well if you want, still havent gotten my wifi hooked up yet tho, that wont be till next mondayif AT&T doesnt give me any more problems.. Using phone as modem right now and its pretty slow, my new gmail adress is, add it, I forgot the old one lol