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back online

2012-11-03 23:57:12 by VaeVIKTUZ

its slow as hell, 3g cricket service tho, downloads a little bit faster than old 56k, but it uploads at about the same speed as my old cable connection.. go figure

offline for a while

2012-09-28 11:01:19 by VaeVIKTUZ

no internets :(

stalker mode, boogey mode, stagger mode

2012-08-30 12:55:11 by VaeVIKTUZ

in the works

Playing with some animations

2012-08-28 17:54:02 by VaeVIKTUZ

Got lazy and used mixamo animations, the new song is just Android Nymph.. That title is just for my 1 or 2 youtube regulars

rigged finally

2012-08-18 14:38:17 by VaeVIKTUZ

few stills of an animation im workin on

mesh finished and textured

2012-08-16 19:21:32 by VaeVIKTUZ

Time for rigging. Gonna delete the sweater spec map too

For a Final Fight style brawler from hell with the unreal engine

I'm back

2012-08-13 21:09:11 by VaeVIKTUZ

I've been gone for too long, well I finally got a new guitar and it's not the greatest but anyways expect to hear it on 95 % of my new tracks, got a fairly long soundtrack I'm working on for my new game, and a couple other old game covers I've done to upload.

It's good to be back, but fuck you zero bombers, I have recently acquired the technology to come through your monitor and ninja kick you in your fucking ovaries, so fuck you non-skill having loathsome little fartblossums, keep your spite to yourself.

Waiting for audio submission verification.. and other stuff.

2011-06-01 13:09:02 by VaeVIKTUZ

The wait Isn't very fun, but it's worth it, I've been here as a guest a few times before, and I've heard a lot of talent..
Without the wait for audio verification I'm sure the audio portal would just be bogged down with the same songs you hear every day on the radio submitted by people who just want to share there mp3 collections. Still I wish there were more volunteers to speed it up. I like the fact that as an unknown artist/hopeful you can be heard by others alike, and for the most part there seems to be a great deal of respect between the people submitting here.

There a few trolls here, and shitty people that seem to just want to ruin someones creative self esteem, but you get that everywhere.
To the people that feel they have to give a low score without giving an explanation as to why they're giving a low score who are actually fellow artists, and not just trolls..
Keep in mind we all gotta start somewhere, and it's easy for us to be proud of our work even if its not that good, but that work has little to no chance of actually ever improving without constructive criticism.

A creative person is a blessing to humanity, so try not to destroy what they create maliciously. Life would utterly suck without creativity.

I'm definitely glad I came to this site, tho I might be offline for a while soon in order to catch up on other bills, I would like to get some reviews, and feedback on my material submitted before that happens.
Oh well, either way... The wait is justified for keeping the content original.
Cheers people.